About Us

As an affiliate marketing organization, our mission is share knowledge to the general public, public organizations, private industry, students and personal to assist them in income, developing and enhancing their knowledge and skills, and to assist other charitable and educational organizations.

We have the most robust continuing courses library available anywhere. you can access our products and digital library anywhere in the world at any.

Our Vision is to empower a global network of evolutionary change agents through media, education, and resources featuring leading wisdom keepers and visionaries.

We empower people on a journey of personal growth over time, and provide a platform for an emerging culture to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

We aim to accelerate the shift to a world where each and every one of us has the opportunity to liberate our full creative potential.

We call ourselves The Shift Network because we believe it will take millions of awake, connected, and inspired individuals to activate their full potential and collaborate on the changes that are needed for our world to truly shift. People from every race, creed, color, and national origin have their essential role to play.

We have already served over 3,200,000 people, with customers in 180 countries. We have featured over 3,100 thought leaders in domains as diverse as business, marketing, spirituality, holistic health, psychology, Qigong, somatics, Indigenous wisdom, enlightened business, yoga, herbalism, and peacebuilding…

And we’re just getting started, with a goal of empowering 100 million people in the next five years.

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